Earth (episode)
Episode 23
Original Air Date: March 20, 2002
Written by: Kawajiri
Directed by: Kawajiri
Episode Chronology
Betrayal Legend
Earth (Daichi 天地) is the twenty-third episode of X/1999.

Summary Edit

Arashi states she is a Dragon of Earth now and leaves with Nataku. As Kusanagi and the Dragons of Heaven are being treated, Sorata wonders why Arashi betrayed them. Kamui takes the sacred sword from the academy, says goodbye to the catatonic Subaru, and leaves to fight Fuuma. Sorata realizes that Arashi plans to kill Kamui so that he will not have sacrifice himself, and runs to their pursue. Kamui confronts Fūma and Arashi, but the latter is stopped by Sorata. Sorata decides he will kill Arashi if she attacks Kamui, but both are ultimately unable hurt each other. Fuuma then tries kill Arashi for betrayal, but Sorata intervenes and is impaled. Before falling, Sorata electrifies Fuuma's body, forcing him to escape to Nataku's side. After telling Arashi he last will is that she continues living, Sorata dies with his prophecy being fulfilled.

Plot Edit

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Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

Battles Edit

Quotes Edit

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