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Quote1 He becomes so strong, so strong than what you had told me, onii-sama. Quote2
--Fuuma (Tsubasa Shunraiki Episode 2: The Latter Part)
Fuuma TRC
Fuuma in Tsubasa Chronicle
Series: Tsubasa Chronicle
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Background/Alliance Information
Relatives: Seishirou (older brother)
Residence: Tokyo (former)
Current Status: Living
Powers: Unknown
First Appearance(Manga): Tsubasa Chronicle Chapitre 109: Child of the Gods
First Appearance(Anime): Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations Episode 1: The Magician's Message
Last Appearance(Manga): Tsubasa Chronicle Chapitre 233: A world to return to
Last Appearance(Anime): Tsubasa Shunraiki Episode 2: The Latter Part
Voice Actors
Japanese: Yuji Kishi
English: Joel McDonald

Fuuma is a cross-over from X/1999. In TRC, Fuuma happens to be Seishirou's younger brother and also a hunter like his brother.


Fuuma is much friendly in TRC. He happens to care deeply the Tsubasa group than Kamui does. He also laughs in everything that happened in order to run away from any problems. Unlike Kamui and his brother, he isn't depressed with anything and lives a carefree life until the end.

Appearance and AbilitiesEdit

Fuuma appears as the leader of the Tower group. As a member of the Tower, he wears a grayish green coat to protect him from the falling acid rain around Tokyo. He doesn't have any special power like the vampire twins and his brother because any power couldn't appear in Tokyo until it is brought there. But sometimes, he works under Yuuko and granted the power to transverse dimensions in order to find an item or deliver something. As Kazuki explains, only Fuuma is the one able to fight against Kamui.



Seishirou is Fuuma's older brother. Seishirou looks younger than his own brother because he was feed on the blood of a vamprire. It was from Seishirou that Fuuma learns about the pair of vampire twins that he is after at. And the feather that he has was supposedly from his brother Seishirou.

Vampire TwinsEdit

Fuuma has a rough relationship with the vampire twins, especially Kamui. Everytime that Fuuma asks if why Kamui looks like in bad mood, Kamui will answer that he sees Fuuma. Kamui and Fuuma never gets along and they always fight like dog and cat.

Tsubasa groupEdit

He happens to be much entertaining to the Tsubasa group and even wave and smile in front of them in their first meeting. He also happens to worry about Sakura when she travels the country alone for the price.

Yuuko IchiharaEdit

Fuuma and Yuuko's relationship is unknown but with the fact that they know each other for quite long is genuine. Fuuma works under Yuuko searching and delivering items in different worlds.


  • Fuuma in X is Kotori's older brother and Fuuma in TRC is Seishirou's younger brother.
  • He heads the Tower group in TRC and in X he heads the group in Tokyo.
  • Fuuma in TRC is a hunter.



  • Even two people could be considered hunters, the thing that they are searching might be different. (Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations Episode 3: The Princess' Dream)


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