Princess Hinoto


Kamui see Hinoto in your dreams

Hinoto, sometimes called Princess Hinoto, is a dream seer who has lived her entire life in the basement of the Diet Building and has visions of the end of the world and sees Kamui's role in this future. She is a known liar and manipulator, but the Dragons of Heaven have only recently (in canon terms) learned the extent of her betrayal. In reality, she has been manipulating both sides from the very beginning, mostly for the purpose of sabotaging Kamui. Apparently Hinoto wishes for death, while her darkside wants to survive the final battle and see Kamui die.

At first Kamui does not trust her, which makes sense because she lies to him about the possibility of saving Kotori and also withholds important information. He later softens towards her and does not blame her for Kotori's death, even though she was fairly responsible for it. He does figure out that she has a dark side, but thus far he has done nothing about it but ask Sorata to keep an eye on her.

Hinoto's character, particularly with her evil side and her series long lies and manipulations, remains fairly opaque, so it is difficult to say how she feels about Kamui. It seems that she is hoping that he will be able to kill her before her plan to destroy the world comes to fruition, but her evil side insists that Kamui will die and the world will fall.


Although she appears much older, Kanoe is in fact Hinoto's younger sister who can see into her sister's dreams and therefore has knowledge of the coming events as well. She sides with the Dragons of Earth and plans to take down the world for the sake of setting her sister free from her duties as a dream seer. She loves her sister very deeply, but she observes that destroying the world is probably not how she would like her to show it.

When Hinoto takes Kamui into her dreamscape to show him the future, Kanoe also appears and tries to persuade him to join her side. She fails to do so, but she also begins to realize that there is another Kamui who will become an Angel if the first Kamui chooses to become a Seal. Aside from trying to get him to join her cause, she has almost no contact with him.

Although she is the person who brought the Angels together, she has little say in their activities and her general impact on the story diminishes over time. In fact, Hinoto does more to aid the Angels than Kanoe. In the manga, Hinoto tries to contact her but the evil part of Hinoto kills Kanoe. Kamui finds out that she is dead and blames the murder on Dark Kamui, who appears to be the likely culprit, but Dark Kamui appears disappointed that Kamui would blame him for the crime.

Keiichi Segawa

Keiichi is a student at CLAMP Campus who takes a particular liking to Kamui and becomes his friend. He is one of the very few characters in the story who has no power or connection to the end of the world, other than being a victim of disasters. Keiichi is very energetic and cheerful, almost to the point of silliness, making him a very interesting contrast to Kamui. Earthquakes bother him because he initially lost his father in an earthquake and, after having Kamui over for dinner one night, he also loses his mother in an earthquake related fire -- an earthquake Kamui was unable to prevent because he could not create a kekkai. Keiichi wishes that he had the power to prevent earthquakes since people are helpless once an earthquake starts -- a point that hits close to home for Kamui, who has been unable to create a kekkai. Even after losing both of his parents, Keiichi remains optimistic and devotes himself to enjoying life enough for himself and his departed parents.