Kusanagi Shiyu
Kusanagi in X/1999
Series: X/1999
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Background/Alliance Information
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Current Status: Alive (Anime)
Deceased (Movie)
Unknown (Manga)
First Appearance(Manga): Volume
First Appearance(Anime): Episode 0: An Omen
Last Appearance(Manga): Volume
Last Appearance(Anime): Episode 24
Voice Actors
Japanese: Masaki Aizawa (X TV series)
George Nakata (X feature movie)
English: Jamieson Price (X TV series)
Jeff Harding (X feature film)

Kusanagi Shiyū (志勇 草薙 Shiyū Kusanagi) is a member of the Japanese Self-Defense Force who is telepathically linked to the plants and animals of the Earth, and thus strongly resents humanity's pollution and destruction of the natural world. Although his punch carries the force of an earthquake, he is the least antisocial of the Dragons of Earth, and the least active in the destruction of Tokyo.



In the manga, he has, at the very least, expressed personal opinions that run contrary to the goals of the Dragons of Earth—specifically that life is sacred and should never, under any circumstances, be willfully destroyed. He also seems to think that conflicts between nature and humanity should be resolved with as little harm to either as possible.

In the movie, he does not show these pacifist qualities and instead actively attacks the Dragons of Heaven without hesitation and is a very violent character.



He meets Yuzuriha (and is the first man she ever met who can see Inuki) and develops an affection for her; although she falls in love with him, his intentions appear to remain unromantic. He frequently rescues Yuzuriha from death at the hands of other Dragons of Earth and threatens Fūma and ultimately switches sides; as a result he is attacked and grievously wounded by Nataku and Arashi, the latter having also defected to the other side.

He was killed by Fūma, but he survives.




Kusanagi appears twice in Tsubasa: as a player paired up with Nekoi Yuzuriha in Edonis Country and a fighter of the City Hall faction in Tokyo.



  • In the X Tarot set, he represents The Star.
  • His relationship with Yuzuriha Nekoi does not exist in the movie.

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