Kyougo Monou
Biographical Information
Full Name: Kotori Monou
Age: Unknown
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Priest
Family: Saya Monou(wife)
Fuuma Monou (son)
Kotori Monou(daughter)
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Voice Actors
Japanese: Kōji Ishii
English: Michael McConnohie

Kyōgo Monou (桃生 鏡護 Monou Kyōgo) is Fūma and Kotori's father and the resident priest of the Tokagushi Shrine.





He marries his friend Saya even though he knew that she actually was in love with Tōru and was only marrying him so that she could protect Tōru; filled with remorse by this revelation, she weepingly apologizes to him for her deception, right before she dies in front of him, giving birth to the first Sacred Sword.


He fulfill his own destiny, Kyōgo hides the Sacred Sword in the shrine as its sacred object; he swears to protect it with his life and is killed by Nataku as a result. Right before he dies, he reveals to Fūma his destiny as Kamui's twin star.



In the X Tarot set, he is The Emperor.

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