Legend (episode)
Episode 24
Original Air Date: March 27, 2002
Written by: Kawajiri
Directed by: Kawajiri
Episode Chronology
Earth Last Episode

Legend (伝説 Densetsu) is the twenty-fourth and final episode of X/1999.

Summary Edit

Fuuma kills Nataku to make his flesh regenerate his own. Kakyou reveals that the future always showed the Dragon of Earth as the winner no matter side would Kamui have chosen. As Kamui goes to the Tokyo Tower for the last battle, Kakyou sends Hokuto's soul to Subaru. Hokuto states that while she and Seishirō will live inside him, he still has something to protect. Kamui starts battling Fūma, now willing to kill him. In the fight, Kamui's sacred sword is broken by Fuuma's which impales his left clavicle. Fuuma then tries to finish him, but Subaru receives the attack and escapes with Kamui. A dying Subaru urges Kamui to accomplish his wish, and Kamui returns to Fūma. He is once again impaled by the sacred sword, and states that while he sacrificed his life, Fuuma will inherit his will. Kamui's body turns into a barrier that reverses the damage by the Dragons of Earth, while Fuuma returns to his original self and Subaru appears safe. Later, Kakyou states that Earth's destiny changed, and accomplishes his wish of joining the late Hokuto.

Plot Edit

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Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

Battles Edit

Quotes Edit

  • “It's all over. Just the way that it happened in the dreams.” —Kamui Shirou
  • “I'll get Fuuma back. Even if I need to kill him in the process.” —Kamui Shirou

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