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Let's follow the 'CHAINS OF EVENTS' that everyone is watching over!!

The Beginning [Koshi]

  • Volume 1: Prelude
  • Volume 2: Overture

The Seven Stars [Shichiyo]

  • Volume 3: Sonata
  • Volume 4: Intermezzo
  • Volume 5: Serenade
  • Volume 6: Duet

The Holy Sword [Shinken]

  • Volume 7: Rhapsody
  • Volume 8: Cresendo

Kamui [Kamui]

  • Volume 9: Requiem

The Dreamgazer [Yumemi]

  • Volume 10: Fugue

Kekkai [Kekkai]

  • Volume 11: Interlude
  • Volume 12: Movement
  • Volume 13: Lament
  • Volume 14: Concerto
  • Volume 15: Waltz
  • Volume 16: Nocturne

The End [Shumatsu]

  • Volume 17: Suite
  • Volume 18: Inversion
  • Volume 19

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