The Sacred Sword (神剣 Shinken) is Kamui's weapon. "Shinken" can be taken to imply the meaning "sword that is gifted by god(s)" or "sword that is offered as a sacrifice to god(s)". The inscription upon the blade of the Sacred Sword is a Hebrew prayer and reads:

Barukh attah adonai eloheinu melekh ha-olam, she-ha-kol nihyeh bi-d'varo.

This translates into English as: Praised are You, Lord God, King of the Universe, at whose Word all things come into being.

In the Apocalypse texts, the sacred sword is the sword used to launch chastisements on human beings. It symbolizes the will of God.

In Shinto’s texts, the sacred sword is a goshintai. A goshintai is a sacred and hidden object. Goshintai are placed and venerated in Shinto’s Shrine because the goshintai becomes an incarnation of the Shrine’s god during rituals. Goshintai are terrestrial bodies of substitution for Japanese gods.

In the X - 1999,the sacred sword is the sword used to launch chastisements on human beings. THis sword is hidden inside Togakushi Shrine.

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