Kotori Monou
Biographical Information
Full Name: Saya Monou
Age: Unknown
Status: Deceased
Family: Kyougo Monou(husband)
Kotori Monou(daughter)
Fuuma Monou (son)
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Voice Actors
Japanese: Michiko Neya
English: Barbara Goodson

Saya Monou (桃生 紗鵺 Monou Saya) is Kotori and Fūma's mother.




When Fuma and Kotori were children, she died giving birth to the first Sacred Sword, which burst forth from her body. This sword is intended to be wielded by Kamui; instead, it is stolen by Nataku and taken by Fūma. It is later revealed that Saya married Kyōgo only to be at the Togakushi Shrine to take the place of her true love, Tōru Shirō, as the vessel of the Sacred Sword. Kyōgo knows that Saya never loved him romantically, but, regardless, continues to love her. 



  • In the X Tarot set, she is The Fool and appears as a </span>mermaid like humanoid who also appears to Kotori in a vision in the manga.
  • In the TV series her relationship with Tōru is not acknowledged, and neither she nor Kyōgo appear in the X or movie.

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