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Arashi and Sorata's relationship could be considered a romance even in the end of the world. Viewers may think that Sorata is always on the way of Arashi but it isn't. It happens the other way around, Arashi thinks Sorata is the reason for her to go on living like Kamui does.

First meetingEdit

Arashi and Sorata's relationship at first seems sort of silly and childish. When Sorata was a young lad he had a vision that he would die for the love of a pretty woman. When he spotted Arashi, he knew she was the one. He usually flirts outrageously with her, which embarrasses her and pleases her a little bit. He always tries to protect her but flirts with others (male and female) as well. Sorata Arisugawa is a happy go lucky guy so he goes well with Arashi's reserved manner. If their relationship ever got really serious they'd make a good couple in and out of battle.


In volume 14, Sorata realize the change in Kamui's expression but Arashi wasn't able that surprise Sorata. Arashi asked if Sorata could realize what she was thinking now. Sorata replied, "This man has very keen eyes and he got the look to be one to understand other's feelings." It happens that Arashi wants to avoid it and think of it as a joke but that relation starts to bloom much. When she was about to reply with Sorata's question if she started to open up a little on him, the CLAMP Campus Directors just arrived without any signal that made Arashi's words cut and reserved for the next time.


Sorata arashi pribeh
Arashi mostly got mad when Sorata got hurt because of protecting her. In their conversation, Arashi told him that he is near death that time and crying as she spoke. She also said that does Sorata thinks about what she feels. That she'll be sad if Sorata dies. Sorata replied that it is common because they are comrades, of course you'll be sad if a comrade had died. But then Arashi let Sorata realize that she loves him. Afterwards, something between the two happens that confuse Kamui and Yuzuriha when Sorata was trying to explain it to them. In the anime, Arashi joins the other side in order to protect Sorata and in the end cause Sorata's death. And as she told the others during the final battle, she don't have anything to wish for. But then Aoki objects that, she needs to fulfill Sorata's wish to protect her. In the manga, she leaves the others and Sorata was still searching for her.

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