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Yuzuriha & Sorata

Sorata was an active and honest character that may be the reason why many people have been related to him. Especially from the Seals, almost everyone makes connection with him.

Yuzuriha NekoiEdit

Yuzuriha is the youngest member of the seals, that may be the reason why she and Kamui understands each other very well. But being hyper and friendly like Sorata may result to their greater relationship. The two first meet on the Diet Building when Yuzuriha herself finds her own way down to Hinoto. Their next interaction is the time since Kamui choose to be a Dragon of Heaven, wherein Yuzuriha cries too much because of the fact that Sorata revealed that it is possible for Kamui to never regained consciousness and remained the same forever. But then, Sorata and the others comforted each other because they also can't accept the fact. Since the time that Kamui awakens, the four young seals lives together. And mostly, it is Sorata that comforts Yuzuriha every time that she feels so low.

Karen KasumiEdit

Their first meeting happens when Karen was searching for Kamui to give him a letter. Sorata couldn't believe that Karen is a member of the Dragons of Heaven because of the way she dress. No more scenes about them appeared.

Seiichirou AokiEdit

Sorata has only a relation with Seiichirou. Not unless that they are comrades also.

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