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The Beast is a fictional machine CLAMP universe , is the gigantic supercomputer Earth Dragons that is located in the basement of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government .It was revealed to Satsuki who was destined to be a Dragon of Earth , his first contact with it was when I was five years and took a walk in the cyber space : inseparable ever since . The Beast and Satsuki have a unique symbiosis , but the Beast is not your servant , is also conscious and over the years has developed similar feelings of love. Maintain a relationship that could be interpreted as courtship and maybe that's why he meets the most ruthless whims , like the death of his father (the beast altered the operation of traffic lights which caused the spectacular crash in which he lost his life ) or the assassination of the scientists so that she could escape from the laboratory . Once joined Satsuki dragons , their primary role was to obtain as much information asked Kanoe referred as a "pet " . One day there was a strike at the local power in Tokyo , and the data of the National bank computer and phones were erased completely cut . All this was thanks to the good work of Satsuki and the Beast , for Kanoe had requested the data on the Imperial Household Agency and the Ministry of Research Cameras and remove the protections of the program had to cause the blackout. The Beast also has the ability to "point results" ie compute probabilities of success or failure as needed and has s
La bestia

The Beast manga version

ome offensive uses such as mechanical tentacles that are used to destroy anything , including spirits . But jealousy began to grow when Yuto started to invest more of your time with your loved one and these came to a head when she asked him to save them Yuto . This is crazy and ends up killing her. In the OVA puts a message on the screen saying SATSUKI NOBODY IS ME MY PROPERTY away 

Satsuki conected in The Beast

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