Tokiko Magami
Tokiko in X/1999
Series: X/1999
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Background/Alliance Information
Relatives: Tooru Magami (sister) †
Kamui Shirou (nephew)
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Current Status: Deceased
First Appearance(Manga): Volume
First Appearance(Anime): Episode
Last Appearance(Manga): Volume
Last Appearance(Anime): Episode
Voice Actors
Japanese: Misa Watanabe (TV series)
English: Philece Sampler (TV series)

Tokiko Magami (真神 時鼓 Magami Tokiko) is Kamui's aunt and the nurse at Fūma and Kotori's school when Kamui returns to Tokyo from Okinawa.






Kamui is highly skeptical of her claim to being his mother's younger sister (despite her unmistakable resemblance to Tōru).

After being attacked by shikigami in the form of "men in black", Tokiko arrives at the Togakushi Shrine severely injured just in time to give birth to the second Sacred Sword before the very eyes of Kamui and Fūma.


Tokiko attempts to alert Kamui to the significance of his ancestry and of his role in the end of the world, but they are interrupted by a battle at Togakushi Shrine.

Tokiko was apparently in contact with Nokoru Imonoyama and the former Chairman of Clamp Academy. Her final message to Kamui is delivered through a video entrusted to the director of Clamp Academy, where she explains the choice Kamui must make and to carefully consider who he wishes to protect as well as what he truly desires for the Earth's fate.

In the X Tarot set, she and her sister represent The Tower


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